You can't lose anything with a Powerful Wireless Item Tracker!

Are you tired of searching for something you lost? We have the solution for you, get a Wireless Item Tracker!

How does tile tracking work?

Click the video below to understand how our wireless item finder works:

How does tile tracking work?
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wireless item tracker for wallet and keys

Anti loss key and wallet device

The keys and wallet are the most personal important things all the people have.

A possible loss of the keys or wallet is like a nightmare, isn’t it?

However, the wireless item finder which works also as a keychain can help you track them, and feel secured when you forget them anywhere with just a few simple steps!

Wireless tracker for kids

A wireless tracking device can also help you track your kids if your kids just want to get outside to play.

Who doesn’t want one less worry on mind? Everyone

Just attach the small tracking device on the jacket, backpack, jeans or anywhere you think it’s more comfortable for your kid.

The App can alert and notify you when your kid is getting far away

Wireless tracker for kids​
wireless tracker for pets

Wireless tracker for pets

You can even track your pets! 

Everyone wants to keep safe their pets, so by tracking them is one of the best methods to know every second where they are.

Moreover, the chances of losing your pet are minimized, so you can be more relaxed

Our Pricing

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Wireless Item Tracker T2

wireless item finder t2


Wireless Item Tracker T3

wireless item finder t3

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