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*Note: Not compatible with android 8.0 and EMUI9.0.1 or below. Make sure that the system of your phones is android 9.0 or above.

Attach the device on your keys, bags, wallet, dog or anything you want to track.

✔️Anti-loss one key search

✔️One-key searching, easy to find.

✔️80 Metres two way alarm. When the distance between the anti-loss wireless item finder and phone is larger than the safe connection distance, two way call alarms and timely reminds you to check your belongings.

Detailed distances:

10-30m indoors and 80m in open environment. The safe distance can change, because it depends on the obstacles and the environment you are.

In the case you disconnected from the device or lost something, you can even re track your device by going to the last place you lost your item and the device together and find them.

✔️Find the Lost Item by Location and Tracking

In disconnection mode , open “Baseus Smart App” to check the recent Location where the device and the phone disconnected to find your lost things easily.

✔️USB Charging – No need for batteries

The built-in battery charge 1 hour and last for about up to 3 months

✔️Choose preferred alarm sound for your device

There are three types of sound choose: default , electronic and clear sound. All the sounds have high buzzer volume up to 80db, easy to notice.

Light small and easy to carry, with a mobile friendly app to track anything anytime.


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