Wireless item finder T2

wireless item finder t2

Wireless Item Finder T2


The best Wireless Item Finder and Wireless Tracker, to track everything anytime anywhere. Small and easy to carry. Most of the times people use this device to track their kids, pets like dogs and cats and also important stuff like keys, wallets, bags and files. If you often lose your items or forgetting them, then this device will really help you a lot.


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Intelligent Lanyard Anti-loss Elves, Make it easier to find things

Features: Thin and delicate, Intelligent trajectory, One-click search, Two-way reminding

Cellphone Transformation Anti-loss Alarm

Monitor the whereabouts of items in real time by interconnecting the anti-loss device with the cellphone APP, so as to prevent items from being lost and find them in time

Reverse Call, Easy to Find smartphone

Where did you forget to put your phone? Press the device twice to call the phone and easily find it

Disconnection Alarm, Two-way Anti-loss

Open environment: 30m
Indoor environment: 10m
When the distance between the anti-loss device and cellphone is larger than the safe connection distance, two-way call alarms and timely reminds you to check your belongings

APP Intelligent Trajectory, Safe and Anti-loss

In the disconnection mode, open “Baseus intelligent” APP to check the recent disconnection position of the anti-loss device so that items can be traced

Anxious to Get Out, Always Forget where to Put the Key?

One-key search, Anti-loss and Anti-forgetting simple operation and easy recovery

Prevent Your Baby from Wandering off

A high volume buzzer, can be heard clearly outdoor to prevent wandering off

Long Endurance, Easy to Change the Battery

T2: Built-in 3V/75mAh battery(replaceable)
It lasts about 180 days.
T1: Built-in 3V/150mAh polymer battery(non-replacement)
It lasts about 365 days